It's 10:00 on a Tuesday night. You drop a piece of wood onto the concrete. The next-door neighbors just had a baby and despite your best efforts, your work doesn't stay quieter than the choir of summer locusts. Sweat beads like dew on your forehead as you wipe it away, hoping every second you don't see the dim lamp in their nursery turn on.


    You've got to finish spraying topcoat so you can deliver this piece to your friend tomorrow. He offered you a few thousand dollars to make an outdoor dining set to be ready for the 4th of July. You couldn't believe it when he said "OK, awesome" to your price. You think: "I should have asked for more... No. Don't be greedy - be thankful."


    Right then, you stop picking the bugs from your wet finish and realize you're actually running a business....







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    We're Jennie and Davis. We run a furniture business (as a side-hustle for now) and create content which documents our progress.


    We started building furniture in our one-bedroom apartment after we got married because we couldn't afford nice furniture from the store.


    We quickly realized that our homemade furniture was not only fun to build, but many of our friends wanted to buy pieces from us!


    So we started reading books on sales and have built a very successful side-hustle with no debt. We want others to experience the freedom and excitement we've found in running our own business as Makers.


    We have a healthy YouTube channel, active Instagram account, and offer paid Programs offering lessons from our experience. We want to share verything we learn and use with you.

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