Store Policy


    Below are the terms of our store policy.

    Customer Care

    We strive to provide the best experience possible for our customers and clients. Please understand that we can only provide that service if there is good communication between you and us. We promise to be prompt in our responses and completely honest with you.

    It's our hope that you will return the favor with quick and thorough communication!

    Privacy & Safety

    Your privacy and safety are our #1 priority. At no time will your information be sold, traded, leveraged, or misused by Jennie and Davis. Your use of the website provides consent of our use of cookies and other tools to help your shopping experience be a smooth one.


    We currently deal with returns on a case-by-case basis. Again, just communicate with us and we can solve just about any issue together. This policy does not apply to programs. See the Programs section below for more information on those.


    All sales are final unless a defect in workmanship renders the item unsafe or unusable. It is at our sole discretion if this is the case. If we determine there is a defect in the workmanship of the product, we will offer a complimentary repair and a 25% refund of the original purchase price. In extenuating circumstances, a full or partial refund will be offered if the above solution is determined by an agent of Jennie and Davis to not be practical.


    All sales on this website are pre-orders. This helps keep the cost of products lower for everyone. The products will be manufactured during and/or after the period in which sales are open for each piece.  Requests for modification to any product by the customer are at the sole discretion of agents of Jennie and Davis. Any such changes requested by the customer must be accompanied by formal Email requests and confirmations between the customer and agents of Jennie and Davis. 



    Agents of Jennie and Davis will deliver products to customers on the specified date and time of the "Free Pickup" event. If any customer is unable to attend the "Free Pickup" event, they have the option to send an agent to pick up the piece in their name. This will require formal notification of the customer to Jennie and Davis via Email. Such Email communication must contain the name of the person picking up the piece(agent) in lieu of the customer. No other person will be permitted to receive the purchased product(s) without prior Email coordination. 


    If a customer neither attends the "Free Pickup" event nor sends an agent, the customer must choose "I need a custom date/time for delivery" during the checkout process and notify Jennie and Davis of their availability for pickup/delivery for the following week after the "Free Pickup" event via Email. 


    If a customer neither attends "Free Pickup" event, nor sends an agent, nor selects "I need a custom date/time for delivery" option at checkout, agents of Jennie and Davis reserve the right to charge an additional $50 fee to schedule a pick-up/delivery time and location convenient to the agent(s) of Jennie and Davis.

    Payment Methods

    - Credit / Debit Cards
    - PAYPAL


    A refund will be issued if a customer requests it; all you have to do is send us an Email. No questions asked - we'll refund your full purchase price.

    Distribution of Program material is strictly prohibited.

    Stud Stack

    Members of the Stud Stack will maintain behavior which is motivating to others. If any member of the Stud Stack (at the sole discretion of agents of Jennie and Davis) behaves in a manner that is rude, disrespectful, or otherwise undesirable, they will be removed from the Stud Stack immediately.

    No refunds. Additionally, there are no pro-rated refunds for partial months of membership. You will remain in the Stud Stack until the end of your payment period and then removed unless the user voluntarily removes themselves earlier.

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