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Jared, The Woodworking Pelican

Because of these programs, I now have my own business cards, a website, and my first official customer.

Jeff, Business Mindset Program

The information provided completely outweighed the monetary value... You may make another sale tonight from it.

Southern Traditions

I think you guys are totally inspiring and love watching and learning from you!!

How We Learned to Sell Our Furniture

Hey, Davis here.

I used to devalue my work. I would barely break even on projects and I would think: "That's ok, I enjoy building furniture and I'm learning. One day I can charge more once I'm experienced."


Maybe you've thought something similar.


Truthfully, the reason I wasn't getting paid enough for my furniture was that I didn't know how to sell. I was afraid to ask for money, and never priced my work high enough.

Fast forward a few years, and we've now quit our full-time jobs in the military because we trust our ability to sell furniture to provide the lifestyle we want. 

For less than the price of a new drill, we'll show you how to set your prices accurately and find customers who will LOVE paying it (most of them will actually come back for another piece!).

All of our programs come with a 100% money back guarantee. For any reason. You have nothing to lose except for your next sale...

Hi, it's Jennie.

I used to only see the problems with the furniture we built. A scratch here, smudge in the finish there, etc. Sometimes I would feel guilty for taking the money a customer gave us.

You can imagine my surprise when a friend told me she would pay MORE for those things in the furniture. 

"It proves it's handmade, not by a machine," she said. "I'm so sick of furniture that looks perfect, but it wobbles and breaks after a year or two." 

We started raising our prices to a profitable level and quit apologizing for our work having character. We quit our full-time jobs so we can capitalize on the success of our business.

We want you to skip these struggles and lessons we learned the hard way. These programs are cheaper than learning the lesson on your own and losing a sale.

We can't wait to see you succeed.