Starting Our Business...Again..

So you're probably thinking to yourself...."Wow, since they've already had to start their business once when they lived in North Dakota, they should be experts at it now in Houston!"

HA! hahahaha

Not quite...I mean, yes, some things are easier and we're a little bit better at predicting problems, but starting a business is just a difficult thing to do all around. Basically, we want to make sure we do everything right this time around and really get organized and create solid processes for ourselves. We just wrapped up our first week of officially launching the furniture business and while it actually ended up going VERY smoothly, it didn't start out that way. So here's the rundown of how our very FIRST WEEK went!!

Like we stated in our last video, we want to get ourselves off the ground by selling cutting and charcuterie boards to people in town who have a large influence over our target demographic...which for now is mainly realtors. We sell the boards to the realtors, they give them away as closing gifts, we build the new homeowners furniture. Cue Lion King reference: "The ciircleeee of liiiifeee!"

This is a solid wood cutting board that we created to sell in our business. We laser engraved the top with the client's last name.
We love the look of a simple engraving on our cherry and maple boards.

But we can't just build these boards and expect them to sell themselves. When you start to think about the entire process, there's a lot to get done: product photos, staging, marketing, selling, taking payment, processing orders, shipping, repairs, website upkeep, social media...just to name a few.

So we sat down to tackle all of the above. We were going to come up with our MASTER PLAN to figure out how we were going to market, sell, process orders, ship, manage our sites, etc. all before we set foot in the shop to start building.