Secrets to Starting a Furniture Business

    Secrets to Starting a Furniture Business

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    This program will show you all the things we wish we knew before starting our business. After watching this course, you'll be about 9 months ahead of where you would be if you learned all of this on your own by trial-and-error.

    • What You'll Learn

      In this course, we'll cover how you can:


      • Set a Goal for Your Business
      • Establish Credibility
        • Building a website
        • Fleshing-out your portfolio
        • Branding
      • Learn about customers
        • Why people don't like buying furniture
        • Why they run away from making decisions
        • What people really want out of their furniture
      • SECRET #1 - Pyramid of Manufactured Goods
      • SECRET #2 - Why People Don't Buy Furniture
      • SECRET #3 - How to Get People to Buy YOUR Furniture
    • How This Works

      After checkout, you'll get a confirmation Email with a .pdf document. This document will have the information on how to access the course.


      You'll get access to the video library where you'll find 6 easy-to-navigate videos on topics that we've learned are the secrets to starting your business on the right foot. 


      You'll get a .pdf of notes to reference in case you can't always pull up and listen to a video or you want a written version of the material.


      This course is over 30 minutes long and SUPER DENSE with information, examples, ideas, concepts, and much more. We don't waste your time. Go back and rewatch any time.

    • Why Get This?

      You will start making money faster. That's it.


      This program will fast-forward you through the first 9 months of your furniture business. 


      Knowing how and why people buy furniture is so important to your success in selling it. Setting up your own portfolio is going to make closing deals even easier.


      There's a 100% money back guarantee. If you decide it wasn't worth it or didn't learn anything, send us an Email and we'll issue a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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