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We're excited you're considering advertising with us! Please contact us at the Email address below and we'll get the ball rolling.

If you represent a tool brand, please know that we will NOT entertain any paid tool endorsements - don't even ask. We will accept complimentary tools and review them honestly and state our known biases - no exceptions. You may or may not be featured on our social media channels - we do not guarantee any content in exchange for complimentary tools.

This policy does not apply to non-tool products/endorsements.



Jennie and Davis host a weekly podcast about quitting bad habits and growing good ones. The podcast is growing faster than we can keep this page updated, so contact us for the most recent audience metrics!


YouTube is the media platform which gets most of our attention. With over 104,000 subscribers, Jennie and Davis have a wide reach across the Maker community, as well as the Entrepreneurial audience on YouTube. 

Our current advertising rate is $1600 for a standard 30-60s ad spot in one of our regularly scheduled videos. This is calculated by an average of the 10 most recent videos (disregarding highest and lowest) at a $40 CPM. We do not participate in "view guarantees" or similar agreements regarding engagement metrics.


Instagram is where the most loyal followers keep up with Jennie and Davis. On Instagram, followers see more of the day-to-day experiences which broadens product placement opportunities.

On this platform, Jennie and Davis have over 12,000 followers with a consistent 15% engagement rate.


If you want to reach young people, TikTok is the best way right now. Jennie and Davis continue to reach new heights on this platform thanks to their quick wit and ability to connect trends to the Maker and Entrepreneurship communities. Please reach out if you'd like to work together on a TikTok strategy for your brand with Jennie and Davis.

DO NOT contact us without a serious business inquiry.

We will not respond.

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