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The Stud Stack

an accelerated community for
makers who make money

Learn to price your work profitably and learn how to sell it quickly without resorting to sleazy tactics

Jennie and Davis' Exclusive Discord community & coaching class plus 3 videos every week, personalized encouragement, and live calls to help grow your business.

Learn from verified experts in our Discord Community on how to source materials, save money, and build an efficient business to $10k and beyond!


The friends you need to get your Maker business THRIVING!

From Etsy shops to custom cabinets, The Stud Stack is helping hundreds of Makers all over the world make money, solve problems, and reach their business goals faster by encouraging each other.

The Stud Stack Code of Honor

Stud Stack members all run businesses with the following principles:

Sell a High-

Quality Product

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Fair Prices

Fair Profits

Honesty in


Make the Economy Better

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Encourage Others

Have a Hand in Making It

Stud Stack Story

Hey it's Jennie here. After turning a profit with our first custom furniture business in a small rural town, we realized lessons from the big business world could help us grow our little furniture business into something really profitable! 


We were the FIRST to consistently teach these kinds of lessons to Makers through our vlogs and online content as we were going through the painful learning process ourselves. And we found that our friends who pushed us to grow made the biggest difference to our bottom line.

In the Stud Stack, we're personally investing in encouraging each member. We're here to motivate and empower you! We'll give you feedback and encouragement to help you grow your own business to $10k and beyond!

With our military moves we've "started over" with our business 3 different times and have been profitable every time! Idk if that's convincing to you, but we think we're on to something... Let us motivate you!

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Sign Up

Stud Stack membership is a monthly subscription for access to resources.

Cancel anytime - Terms apply.


Membership Benefits


Our private Discord community is designed to help business owners of any size grow together and encourage others.

Video Archive:

You'll have full access to the archive of every video we've made for the Stud Stack since we began. So. Many. Videos.

Weekly Business Class Videos:

Jennie and Davis post 3 Business Class videos each week to educate and motivate every size of business owner

Advanced Resources:

Already have a business? Great! We have resources for business owners of all sizes to keep growing.

Beginner-Friendly Resources:

With free courses and a community of real business owners, even the most inexperienced beginner can feel confident!

Live Shows:

Jennie and Davis host live shows where we can catch up, talk shop, and solve problems in-real-time with everyone helping


  • Business Bus 101 video series

  • Business Book Club​

  • Sales & Marketing Tips & Tricks

  • Giveaways

  • A place to celebrate your victories

  • Access to Jennie and Davis in Discord for specific advice and suggestions from the group!

  • A Road Map to business success (Stud Stack Progression system)

  • FREE scrap wood boxes from Jennie and Davis whenever you want (just pay shipping)

  • A safe place to share & overcome your business struggles

  • If you're reading this far down the list, just sign up already!


Sign Up

Stud Stack membership is a monthly subscription at $75/mo.

Cancel anytime - Terms apply.


Encouragement for EVERY SIZE of Business

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"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"

Jim Rohn

Don't run your business alone.

We want to celebrate with you!

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