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My Basement Business

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Watch this video to learn about...

...the biggest traps and mistakes new business owners make - and how to avoid the pitfalls that could make you hate your hobby and lose money.


6 steps to starting your own Maker business (profitably) in the comfort of your own home

(Lifetime access to program)

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Step-by-step instructions with video content, a Workbook to track your progress, and custom visual aids to help the lessons stick

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Jennie and Davis have over 1,000+ satisfied students (most who had never talked with a customer before) and thousands of sales made

Current Students can access the course using the link provided via Email after enrolling


Hey! We're Jennie and Davis

We used to build furniture for free. Our friends would see the furniture we built with our own hands and asked us to make something for them. We were happy to do it!

It wasn't long until we became so busy with furniture jobs that we had ZERO free time left. Our marriage was strained, and we really started to dread our favorite hobby.

In an attempt to reduce the demand, we started charging a lot of money for our furniture. Nobody canceled their order.

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Turns out, our friends were HAPPY to pay us for our work. They wanted to support our business and introduced us to people all over town who needed what we could make for them. Our blossoming business was, at times, making more money than our Military jobs paid us!

Fast forward a bit and we moved to Houston to start all over. We didn't know ANYONE in this city, but we started again and grew a second business from our garage using the lessons we learned the first time. Lightning had struck twice - we had found a real and twice-proven business model... 

We're here to say you don't need a big fancy workshop, a ton of time, or a business degree to sell your work. You will own a business right in your basement or garage!


You will be a business owner.

Imagine buying your next tool with cash from selling your work -- Paying your mortgage with money from your sales -- Getting rid of that last student loan with a GIANT smile, knowing your very own business made that possible.

           - Jennie and Davis



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Start and run a profitable business from home by selling the things you love to make! 

My Basement Business is the only program of its kind that walks you step-by-step through creating a profitable business by selling what you Make.

We’ll cover everything from picking a product to sell, finding a great pricing structure, how to find customers, we'll get you your first 3 sales (at a profit), then show you how to optimize your efforts to make sales more automatic each time!

Here’s how the program is structured:

My Basement Business is a guided program (with videos and a workbook) that will transform a talented Maker into a savvy business owner.

(Think: Make sales without being a sleazy salesman!)

We’ll start with simpler tasks to gain momentum and only accomplish what's necessary to turn a profit quickly! No wasting your time!


Then we'll give you strategies to maintain control of your business as it grows so that it doesn't overwhelm you (something no other sales program will do)!


We've got your back.

Have you seen enough to make a decision?


What You Will Get:

6 Step-by-step chapters walking you through the process of building your business.

On YouTube, we can't explain every step of starting a business.

Here, we will guide you through starting your business step-by-step with videos and a workbook.


This is the closest you can get to us standing in your basement helping you map out your business strategy!

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The exact words to say to get your first 3 sales!

We've got a script which will make potential customers beg you to talk about your business - no tricks, no slimy tactics.

They'll ask so many questions about what you Make and lead you to the people who need it most. You'll be ready to take the sale with confidence!

Become an EXPERT at pricing your work.


We developed a web-based price calculator that will assist you in pricing your work, bidding custom jobs, or trying to optimize your processes!

We'll teach you how to use it and show you examples with different types of products you might Make.

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Be better than us - 3 MORE Traps to avoid

Running a business can be tricky sometimes - we don't want you to make the same mistakes we did. 


We'll share how to avoid the 'whoopsies' we made, as well as the traps we've seen hundreds of other business owners fall into!

6 Videos on advanced techniques and critical questions

After we guide you through your first three sales, you'll have a whole new set of questions about where to take your business next!

One-by-one, we'll tackle these techniques and topics and share our experiences and opinions with you.

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The Official Workbook

Keep your thoughts and ideas straight with the included digital workbook! Print it out and write in it or type in it from your favorite mobile device.

A companion to the video lessons, the workbook will keep you on-track and focused on accomplishing your goal.


Written notes are proven to help you transform your mind and make the learning really stick!


Have you seen enough to make a decision?


Too cold in the garage? Want to start once the day job settles down? Just need to get a few more tools first? Don't know if you want to fully commit yet?

No worries! My Basement Business offers lifetime access to all the lessons and videos. You can take (or re-take) the program anytime!


You can always learn the information now and take some time to absorb it, then once you're ready to go you can totally focus on growing and making money!


Jared, The Woodworking Pelican

Because of these programs, I now have my own business cards, a website, and my first official customer.

Jeff, Former Student

The information provided completely outweighed the monetary value... You may make another sale tonight from it.

Southern Traditions, Business Owner

I think you guys are totally inspiring and love watching and learning from you!!


If you're not overwhelmed with the program, and you aren't transformed into a business owner with your own Basement Business, we'll refund you 100%. Cancel with a 100% refund within 15 days.


Stop reading - you've seen enough

Let's do this!

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