Can We Build 25 Cutting Boards in 2 Days?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

That's the question we set out to answer this past week! And it wasn't for click bait. It wasn't to sound cool or to get likes online. It was a LEGITIMATE goal that we set for ourselves!! You may think it sounds crazy, but that's okay, because WE DID TOO!

But we wanted it to be crazy. Actually, we needed it to be crazy....

So all of this started with a bit of a thought experiment: We wanted to figure out what the max capacity of our little shop was. Why? Because we knew we'd need a bit of inventory for when we started getting orders for our boards. We don't want to get an order and then make them wait for 2 weeks because we have nothing built yet.

But also, we know that one day in the near future we would like to move into a commercial space. But commercial real estate is expensive. To pay for it, we need a certain number of consistent orders coming in that will pay the commercial space's rent.

But how do you know what that number is and what the timeline looks like?? Also, it feels a little funny talking about getting a commercial space when we've barely gotten started selling things out of our own little shop. It kind of feels like we're getting too ahead of ourselves (that may be exactly what you're thinking right now).

But what's worse? Starting your planning a bit early, and being prepared when the time comes to make a move? Or waiting to plan until it feels like you're "allowed" to and being overwhelmed and behind the curve when the time comes?

This is all of the maple and cherry boards that we bought to build our cutting boards.