Doing What You Hate

When you think of entrepreneurship or starting your own business....typically happy thoughts come to mind!

"I can do what I want!"

"I'll do everything MY way!"

"This is going to be so fun!"

"I will love every second of quitting my job and starting my business!"

And don't get me IS great! Not having anybody to answer to but yourself and being able to do things exactly how you want is a wonderful feeling!

But the only way a successful business is sustainable is if you also do the things you HATE doing. Success doesn't come from only doing what you want. It comes from taking ownership and doing the things you KNOW need to get done...even if you don't like doing them.

That was the big takeaway from this past week for us! So you may be wondering....what is it that you HATE doing that you HAD to do this week??

Well, it all started as we were about to contact some of our first realtors to sell some boards! We were all ready to reach out to the people on our list...and then we realized...

What are we going to sell to people AFTER they get their cutting boards? We know what we WANT to sell them (kitchen tables, coffee tables, desks, etc.), but are we in a position to be able to sell them those items? And the answer to that was no. We don't have any prototypes built yet to even show them. How are we going to sell people something that we don't have yet?

We've known for a while that we want to insert flyers into the cutting and charcuterie boa