Hickory and Black Metal Nightstands

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Isn’t it always just the little things that hang us up in this skill of woodworking?! Figuring out how to use your tools just perfectly so that when you have to take off 1/8″ of material from the end of a board it doesn’t actually turn into 1/4″, placing tiny screws in just the right place so that your drawer slides don’t stick, not showing any signs of planer snipe on table tops…..

I could go on….

But I won’t….

Because I know you know what I’m talking about….

Well, one of our battles for the longest time has been full-extension drawer slides and installing them so that they don’t stick when you open the drawer.

The great thing about this project, though, is that we FINALLY nailed them! These nightstands have the smoothest drawers I’ve ever used – and it felt good to finally overcome one of those little things that keep you from experimenting with new ideas. Seriously. We would dread having to use full-extension drawer slides in projects because we knew we’d have to fiddle with them for so long (eating up our time and messing up our labor cost calculations). And ever since we got these to work to effortlessly, we’ve been using the same kind for almost every piece we make that has drawers!! If you want to give them a try, click the link above.

These nightstands were actually for us! The last set we had we made in the 1-car garage of our apartment with a miter saw and a drill….with a whopping 4 months worth of woodworking experience. They definitely served their purpose for a couple of years, but the tops began to warp and bend in the middle, taking away the structural integrity.

After a solid 2 years worth of improvement on our skills, we were ready to build some new ones.