How to Sell a Desk to a Friend

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This is a custom walnut desk we built for a client. It has a solid walnut top and colorful slats for shelves.
Walnut Custom Desk Build

Being in our mid-twenties, quite a few of our friends are starting to go to grad school, which means they’re buying a lot of laptops, books, binders…and DESKS! We’ve built quite a few desks in the past, but this one was by far the most in-depth and was extremely fulfilling because we priced it almost perfectly – from the initial quote to materials and labor, to the price on the final invoice! So let’s give you some background and break down how we did this:

Our friend came to us saying she needed a desk that matched the furniture she already had in her apartment. As a person who loves getting to incorporate custom designs into projects, I (Jennie) was super excited about getting to have a bit of creative freedom on this one! Initially, I was just thinking this would be a $200-$300 desk, since that’s roughly what we’ve charged for a writing desk in the past. I was going to go into the sales pitch with those numbers until I thought to myself,

“Why? Why am I already lowering the budget to $300 in my head when I haven’t even spoken to her yet?”

If she truly wanted a desk that would last forever, survive multiple moves, and have custom design features, I could easily pitch over $1,000.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Turns out she wanted a desk that WOULD last forever WITH custom design AND a solid, thick walnut top. I did some super quick, rough math and pitched $1,500 and she said yes! Never say no or lower the client’s budget for them. This is why we LOVE starting the sales conversation with the question,

“How long do you want this piece to last?”

That gets them thinki