Ikea Hack Kitchen Chairs

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We used hickory glue-ups to create new kitchen chair seats. We kept the same IKEA chair bases and simply replaced the old tops with these new hickory ones.
Ikea Hack Hickory Kitchen Chair Seats

So we got a little ahead of ourselves. Let me explain how….

It all started when we were going through what we call our “hickory phase”. We were obsessed with hickory and the way the grain looked and the overall color and look it gave when paired with metal features (hence our other blog post about our hickory and metal nightstands). Probably the main thing we wanted to build out of hickory, though, was a kitchen table with some square, somewhat modern, metal legs for all of our family to sit at during Christmas.

We had a super small, cheap kitchen table prior to this that came with 4 matching chairs. It served its purpose for a couple years, but we were ready for something bigger – so we built our hickory table and even welded our own legs!!

This is a picture of what our hickory kitchen table with metal legs looks like.
This is what our hickory kitchen table with the metal legs looks like.

As you can see in the picture, it looked AWESOME, but now we were stuck with 4 cheap chairs that didn’t match the table….and we definitely didn’t consider that we didn’t have the time to build ourselves matching chairs.

So what would any woodworking millennials do to solve this problem?! An IKEA hack of course. An IKEA hickory hack. Instead of building all new chairs (since the backs and legs were already black to match the table legs) we decided to just build new chair seats.

We started by unscrewing the cheap chair seats from the legs and setting them aside. We then glued up 4 panels of hickory that were all slightly larger than the existing chair seats.

These are the hickory panels that we glued up for the Ikea Hack Chair Seats.
These are the hickory panels that we glued up for the Ikea Hack Chair Seats.