Moving Our Shop ACROSS the COUNTRY!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you’ve watched or scrolled past any of our content lately (ehhh…like in the last 8 months I guess…) you’ll probably see one recurring theme in all of it – WE’RE MOVING! Yep. We both got brand new jobs and we are packing up our entire lives and moving across the country. Isn’t that a bit crazy, you say?? We just got our ideal shop set up and a solid customer base in our area….

Well, folks…these jobs are PART-TIME. That’s right. That means we will have twice the time to put towards building our woodworking business and creating content. We decided to take the plunge and snatch an opportunity for us both to have a much lighter schedule in order to make this woodworking business thing our main focus.

But amongst all this excitement is a lot of work and a lot of planning on how exactly we want to do this. Do we want to rent a trailer? Rent a truck? Buy a trailer? What will all fit in a trailer versus a truck? Will our entire home AND our entire shop fit into 2 vehicles and a trailer? And here’s the big one…

Will we have to get rid of some tools?!?! (slight gasp.)

Well, I’ll be THAT person and spoil it for you up-front (I know, I’m the literal worst), YES we did have to get rid of some tools because we ended up purchasing the trailer seen above. It really didn’t end up being as difficult to decide or execute on as we thought it would be, though. We decided to set up a system to prioritize which tools would be best to sell and buy again once we get to our new home and which tools would be worth the trailer space to take with us. Essentially, the ones we kept had to satisfy at least 2 out of 3 different requirements:

  1. They had just been upgraded to a higher quality brand/style

  2. We use them at least once in about 90% of our projects

  3. We would need/really want them immediately for the first job we got

If they didn’t satisfy 2/3, they got a new home with some of our friends who also do a lot of woodworking. So which tools were they?? Which ones were deemed worthy of our extremely limited and coveted trailer space?!