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Our Most Valuable Sales Strategy

This week we're sharing what we consider to be our most valuable sales strategy! The best part's also one of the easiest - literally anyone can do it!! We utilized this tactic while building and assembling a St. Patrick's Day charcuterie board as part of the #makeyourownparade campaign.

This campaign (and video below) is sponsored by Carhartt - who teamed up with Guinness this year to make some pretty sweet St. Patrick's Day gear. Since St. Patrick's Day is probably going to look a liiiiiittle different this year, we want to share how we can all still celebrate with the ones close to us....even if that means making our own parade and celebrating from home! So join us on March 17th and build something, march up and down your street, or try out this sales strategy at your small, intimate St. Patrick's Day activities. Be sure post a picture and use the hashtag #makeyourownparade. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

The first step in this super simple sales strategy is building something you want to sell (easy enough, right?!). We decided to build a personalized charcuterie board because that's something WE want to sell here in Houston.

We went through our typical process of building the board (if you want to see what that looks like, check out the videos below!)

After we got the board built, sanded, and finished, we took it to the laser engraver! Since Carhartt and Guinness collaborated on this campaign, we decided to engrave their collaboration logo into the board. However, if a customer had ordered this board, we would have engraved something like their last name or initials. There are really endless opportunities with a laser engraver or CNC router.

Now onto the second step of this sales strategy...taking really good product pictures for your portfolio and website! In our case, this meant assembling all sorts of St. Patrick's Day themed snacks onto our charcuterie board and making the whole setup look "Insta-worthy". Despite popular belief, putting a beautiful charcuterie board together is way easier than a lot of people think! If you want a full tutorial of how we assembled the board below, we go through it in-depth in the video (including a list of ingredients!)

This is a St. Patrick's Day themed charcuterie board with the make your own parade campaign logo by Guinness and Carhartt engraved into it.
This is the final board - complete with meat, cheese, and of course, a Guinness!
This is a solid walnut charcuterie board that has been decorated with St. Patrick's Day themed food.
If you want to learn how to make fancy meat arrangements - check out the video!

To make the pictures even more festive, we placed the charcuterie board on a piece of black mat board and added some decorations from the dollar store around it. That's totally not necessary for every product photo shoot you do (unless that's your thing!!) but it added some nice detail to the photos.

And now comes the final and MOST important step of the sales strategy!

GET YOUR PRODUCT IN PEOPLES' HANDS!! Let people physically hold it, look at it, and touch it! For example, if you have a small intimate gathering that you're attending for St. Patrick's Day....bring snacks over on a charcuterie board you made! Or bring over a set of corn hole boards that you just built! Let people actually use your products and see how nice they actually are.

Showing people photos on Instagram is good, but not as good as actually seeing the item in person. As a BONUS move, you can leave your product with them! I understand you can't do this with everything (like larger or more expensive items) but if you're showing off a cutting or serving board - leave it with the hosts! It's a small cost for them to show the product off to more people you may have never met otherwise.

This concept is really the backbone of how we've been marketing here in Texas. Physically getting our products in the right peoples' hands and creating networks we didn't even know existed.

I know this doesn't sound like anything revolutionary...but often times it's the simplest ideas that get forgotten about the easiest. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to show and tell people about your business! Even if that means just serving your St. Patrick's Day treats on your own customized serving board!

This post may contain affiliate links for products we used to create this project! If you’d like to check them out, we do get a small percentage of the sale and they are of no extra cost to you! It all goes towards supporting the content creation of Jennie and Davis. BUT – we do not take tool sponsorships and there were no tool endorsements. Just our honest opinions!

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