Our Pricing Structure for Client Work

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

A few months ago we decided to design a couple projects that could be easily repeatable and batched out relatively quickly. This helps keeps costs low for the customer and we wanted to be able to make multiple sales within the same timeframe – resulting in maximum efficiency of our time (I know this is a super common practice since most of us have full time jobs as well as our woodworking side hustles!!).

The first piece we decided to design to be “batched” was this farmhouse writing desk. We had the measurements, cut types, material amounts, and dry times down to a science!

Farmhouse writing desk to be batched out

After we sold a few of those, we decided to cater to other styles – so we made a modern one! Again, it was a fairly simple design that we made to be super efficient with materials and time. With the modern desk, we decided to allow people to pick a stain color to further customize it to their style! It honestly took no additional time to do a certain stain color over another, so we thought this was overall just value added to the customer at no cost to us.

Besides the fact that we conserved a lot of our time creating and selling these specific tables, it was great advertisement for people that wanted a desk “similar to that farmhouse one, but except like….(blank)” Meaning, we got LOTS of interest in people who wanted to customize the farmhouse/modern desks, which was great for us, because custom builds allow for higher profits and more experience!

We had one of our friends request a custom farmhouse desk, except completely stained dark brown with a drawer in the middle. Perfect! No problem!!

We realized the pricing structure would be a little more in depth on this one since it wasn’t one of our full on batched out products, so we decided to break this one down and get into the numbers of exactly how we priced this project (for this post as well as the YouTube video we did on this topic! See video below).

We built the top the same way we built it for the farmhouse desk, so we knew exactly how long it took us to make (this one just ended up being slightly larger than the farmhouse/modern desktops). From there we used labor estimates from other projects we’ve done in the past with very similar elements.

This is the bid we gave the customer before we even built anything, and this is what we ended up charging for the entire project and what we ended up getting paid for it!:

Top: 1 hour

Legs: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Drawer/Hardware: 1 hour

Sanding: 1 hour

Finishing: (taking into account multiple coats) 1 hour