The First 30 Days of Our Business

Well, our furniture business has officially been open for about a month now. So how'd it go?? What'd we do? How much money did we make?! All fantastic questions. Let's take a deep dive into our first 30 days of builds, accomplishments, and sales.

The first thing we did this month was take you guys on a shop tour. We hadn't done on in kind of a while, so we figured we'd show all of our big changes - we had a few pretty significant ones. If you didn't get a chance to see that video, check it out down below:

The one big change we made after publishing this tour was that we got rid of our Harbor Freight 2HP dust collector. We found out that all of the super fine dust created by our drum sander was getting all caked up inside the dust collector....and not all of it was getting filtered out of the air. Not good. Especially when we use the drum sander for long periods of time. We replaced it with a Laguna P-Flux 1.5HP dust collector and we couldn't be happier! It works so much better. We're consistently making little tweaks to our shop to support building at scale.

We also used the remainder or our board blanks to make finished cutting and charcuterie boards. After that, we had plenty of boards ready for orders.

These are shelves with our finished cutting and charcuterie boards on them. They are ready to be sold.
Now when an order comes in, we just grab a board off the shelf!

Shortly after that, we got our first organic order! A family friend wanted a wooden stove-top cover (also called a noodle board, apparently!!). They gave us exact dimensions, but they said they wanted it to look identical to our lighter-colored cutting boards! The build actually went way faster than expected, since we essentially followed the same procedure as a cutting board...just with 3x the amount of wood!