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This is Us!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hi there! This blog post is going to be a little different than our usual “how we built this” or “how we priced this” type content. It’s one we’ve wanted to do for a while, so we’re pretty excited to share it with you!!

A lot of you know that we’re “a young couple starting a woodworking business because when we graduated college, typical furniture was WAY too expensive for us – so we decided to build it instead”.

That’s the canned Instagram bio story.

Well, here’s some more backstory. Davis and I both went to the same college (that’s actually how we met and when we got married!!) and graduated with degrees in atmospheric physics….hence why I call ourselves nerds all the time in these blog posts! We were total nerds!! Still are.

We went through our school’s Air Force ROTC program and joined the military straight out of college – hence why we lived in North Dakota for so long! It wasn’t exactly by choice. We enjoyed serving our country while we were up there, but we also enjoyed the idea of starting a business together!!

So that’s what we did.

Despite the fact that Davis would go to work every other day for 36-hour shifts and I was working close to 60 hours per week, we decided to go all-in on this woodworking business and YouTube thing. And then it just kept growing!! Like a lot. And we were having a BLAST.

We're Jennie and Davis. We're a young couple building a woodworking and furniture business who wants to help others learn how to build one as well.

But I’ll be honest, it’s really difficult to run a side-hustle when you barely have any “side-time”.

How we were operating was in no way sustainable. Something had to change. We had a commitment to the Air Force and were also sold out to our new business venture….

And then it happened!! I got an e-mail while I was at work about openings for our DREAM JOBS!! What were those jobs you ask? We’ve talked about it a little bit on YouTube videos, but we have always wanted to work within hurricane research – that was my and Davis’ academic focus while in college.

It just so happened that Air Force positions opened up for us to do those jobs.

The best part was, it was in a smaller corner of the Air Force and we were able to go part time – which opened up SO many possibilities to us and this business. We instantly would have way more time and freedom to create the business of our dreams.

So here we are. Together. In Texas. With part time jobs. Still in the military. Still building our woodworking business and doing content creation.

We can’t even count our blessings.

I know that this is the first time you’re probably hearing about ANY of this – because when we first started on this content creation journey we weren’t quite sure how much of our personal lives we wanted to share with the internet – it can be an intimidating place!!!

But now we’re asking ourselves why we WOULDN’T share some of this information! We’re proud of our journey, we’re proud to serve our country, and we’re insanely thankful for the over 39,000 people that want to listen to our story…

We’ve got some pretty big life goals… and if we even want a chance at accomplishing them, we’re going to need a lot of people to trust us.

So in an age where transparency and honesty are the foundation for trust, we’ve decided there’s nothing in our story to hide. We have no skeletons.

So in summary…..uhhh….that’s us! That’s “Jennie and Davis”. We’re a young couple starting a furniture business. But we’re also the young couple who love math and meteorology who joined the Air Force and moved to the frozen tundra and then all the way down to one of the hottest places in Texas all so we could build our woodworking business.

That my friends, is us.

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