We're Open For Business and Ready to Sell!

We got a couple of little shop projects done this past week to make our building processes go a little smoother, but the most EXCITING part about this week was that we started selling! It's what we've wanted to start doing since we left North Dakota. It's the whole reason we did all of this work over the past year getting our prototypes and marketing done properly.

We are so excited to be officially "open for business" and ready to start taking cutting board orders from realtors!

Okay, so we said we were excited to start selling (which we were)...but we were also a little nervous! For some reason, we've always been a little weirded out about sales!

It's not because we've never done it - because we have. Multiple times.

It's not because we're afraid of people saying no - because they have. It's not a big deal.

It's because sales isn't logical - it's emotional!! I know that sounds crazy, but stick with me. "What" you buy is logical, but the "decision" to buy it is emotional.

You may buy something because of its specifications, or because it accomplishes a task better than another product, but the actual decision to make it yours is emotional.

So why does this cause us to be afraid of sales? Well, if sales is an emotions game, then we need to learn how to work in the realm of emotions - which is something Davis and I aren't great at! We're very logical people and don't spend much time paying attention to how our (and other peoples') emotions play into things. We can list 100 different REASONS why realtors should buy our cutting boards, but what's more difficult is figuring out what type emotion will make them OPEN to HEARING these reasons.