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Jennie and Davis are scientists, hurricane hunters, entrepreneurs, and military officers. #1  at building businesses that do good - 250,000+ followers, 20,000,000+ views.

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“Love what you guys do! It's motivated me to do the same and get my own company started."

Joshua Stevens, FL

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Our goal is to share a life of adventure and do good with our friends.

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Hi, we're Jennie and Davis.

We're SO HAPPY you're here.  :)

Our goal is to live a life of adventure and serve others through BIG projects.

That means flying through hurricanes to keep people safe, running businesses that do good things with the profits, or whatever other crazy stunt we feel encouraged to try next! 😅


We want you to enjoy the thrills with us.

We need your help to make a big difference.

We need more Friends like you.

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follow your fears


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We built 100 cutting boards in 6 days!

The business we NEVER wanted to start!

I flew through Hurricane Ian 9 times...

We ABANDONED our careers for this impossible opportunity

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We have TONS of rewards for you at every level of support - we'll never be able to communicate our sincere gratitude, but we'll give it a shot!

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