Selling a Modern Sliding Barn Door

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

This is the finished modern sliding barn door with herringbone pattern that we sold to a realtor in our area.

This is the finished sliding barn door after it was installed in the new townhome! The realtor we sold it to absolutely loved the modern design.

Finding big clients who have big reach within a community is all about connections. It’s all about who you know and who knows you. This sliding barn door sale that we closed was a perfect example of that!

The door was for a realtor in our area who was designing, outfitting, and flipping a townhome that was just built in a really cool new part of town! But we didn’t start by talking to that realtor to get the sale….oddly enough we started by putting our website in an article of our subdivision’s newspaper (I know, sounds like a weird spider web of a story, but those always lead to pretty sick connections so stick with me).

The lady who writes this magazine wanted to write a story on Davis and me because we had just moved into the area and it’s a cool way to get to know your neighbors! Part of that story was about what we do in our free time – which, you guessed it, is our business. So we wrote all about what we build and that we do client work for lots of people in the community. We even put in a link to our website in the article in case people wanted to check us out (See an opportunity and take it, am I right?).

Needless to say, our strategy worked! We got a Facebook message from this realtor 2 days after the magazine came out saying she wanted a live edge sliding barn door and a live edge mantle!! Boom! Mission accomplished. Connection made.

But the advertisement didn’t stop there. Before we even built her mantle, we got another Facebook message from one of her realtor friends who ALSO wanted a live edge mantle…..and after the first realtor shared pictures of the door on HER social media….another one of her friends called us about building TWO SLIDING BARN DOORS!!!


Had we not taken advantage of a little article in a tiny